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Choose gifts that can be used

Couples who stay together deserve to celebrate their enduring commitment, but anniversary gifts can be difficult to choose. Sure, there are traditional gifts. But what modern couple really wants wool or copper for their seventh anniversary? And what would you do with the silver plates traditionally given on a couple’s 23rd?

Today’s young couples prefer more personalized gifts. For some some unique gift ideas, consider the following list provided by, maker of customized awards and recognition products:

* Make a video showcasing your life together. Contact friends and families for home videos, then edit them together to show your story as a couple, from childhood to wedding to current day.

* Give the picture frame a modern spin. Framing a nice photo may seem like a no-brainer, but there are ways to make that idea seem more special. For example, offers a “Clear Memories” line of heirloom-quality acrylics, which can be etched with a personalized message, such as part of a poem or the anniversary date, as well as an embedded photograph.

For an especially enduring gift, consider ordering a laser-engraved photograph plaque. The plaque will last far longer than a photograph in a frame and will become a cherished family mantelpiece and heirloom. At, you can easily personalize and design your custom gifts online.

* Choose gifts that can be used. Gifts that are both functional and decorative are sure to be hits. For example, wooden bookends carved with names and dates will remind you of your anniversary while also neatening your shelves. Wood is a traditional gift for fifth and sixth-year anniversaries. You might also want to consider pen holders or paperweights.

* Choose something heartfelt. Not all gifts have to be high-tech or expensive. For example, you could write down 365 things that you love about your partner on individual pieces of paper, then put the notes in a nice vase, so your partner can read a loving message from you every day until you’re next anniversary.

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