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Akbuk is 23 km away from Didim centre, and 106 km away from Aydin city centre. Akbuk, which has a natural port, has 11 km of coastline. It is an ideal place for those who search for a unique and tranquil place with its gorgeous nature and beautiful coasts.

Akbuk has one of the cleanest air in Turkey and crystal clear waters. As the area is not heavily populated, it offers a pretty frame with thick forests and blue waters.

Akbuk in Turkey

Akbuk is still a small town with 5,000 hectares, and it is not heavily populated at all. It only has small hotels, pensions, small residential complexes and only a few restaurants, making this place ideal for those who would like to experience a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Akbuk Harbour

Akbuk is becoming one of the most favourite holiday resorts for the European tourists as it has a great tourism potential, as well as a good investment opportunity for those who are planning to purchase a holiday homes and been on spot for many years. Akbuk has alot to offer when it comes to property development and not been discovered alot.

Akbuk is cheaper than many other Turkish holiday resorts. Especially rental properties in the area are cheaper than other destinations compare to market. The hotels are cheaper as well, as only small hotels are available.

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