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Perfectly designed DJI Mavic Drones. Who ever said that drones are for tech geeks and pros only? With intelligent features and intuitive functions, today’s drones are great for anyone, which means that a camera lens in the sky has become available for everyone!

Among the different types of user that has benefited from using drones, couples share a unique position. Romantic duos have found ways to use their shared interest and passion to create unique content and take new adventures with a drone, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, perhaps you should consider trying something new and exciting together.

If, right now, you’re looking at your sweetheart and wondering “What could we ever do with a drone?” then read ahead, because we have great ideas for you two!

Take Unique Portraits
If you’re looking to put up the perfect portrait in your living room, at your work desk, or on your social media profile, why settle for the ordinary? Ditch the everyday photo at eye level and take your portrait from an aerial perspective!

There’s no better person to capture your genuine self than your sweetheart, so go to your favorite spot and strike a pose! You can take turns flying and taking a photo or video of each other, or you can both get in the frame and use a hand gesture to take a selfie and a QuickShot for an excellent video with DJI Mavic Drones. If your favorite spot happens to be under your roof, Spark is a great option to take off and snap a pic indoors.

One glance on your social media feed and you’ll see something you, your friends, and your followers share in common: posting slices of your life. This includes a great meal, an amazing scenic spot, and the important people in your life. When you feel inspired to share your life, why not post an epic drone photo or video of you and your loved one!

Whatever you and your SO love to do together, take a drone along to record every moment in cinematic detail. DJI drones include a built-in ActiveTrack feature (learn more about AciveTrack here) that will keep a subject in frame automatically. If you’re mountain-biking up a local trail or enjoying a midday walk along the beach, just turn on ActiveTrack, and your drone will easily follow you, your loved one, or both!

Of course, everyday life is great to share with everyone, but once in a while, take your story somewhere extraordinary. Wherever you’re headed, pack a drone and be inspired to capture something incredible!

If you’re worried about lugging a bulky and heavy aerial camera on your next trip, rest assured! Foldable drones like the Spark, Mavic Pro and the Mavic Air are lightweight and compact, fitting in a small bag for easy portability when you carry it on a plane and toss it in your backpack before heading out of your hotel room or tent. With a portable drone, the two of you can pack light, head out, and take off anywhere!

Reaching a new destination always seems to motivate us to be a little bolder. This can mean trying new foods, learning about different cultures, and facing new challenges. Make it worth your while and film each other’s achievements. The next time you find a diving cliff to jump or mountain to climb, encourage each other to push your limits and capture the excitement from above!

Love makes us do crazy things for the object of our affection, like proclaiming our devotion for all to hear and see. While sky-written notes and the risky tattoo with your lover’s name are possible ways to make your grand gesture, you can also use a drone to get creative and find your own way to say “I love you.” Recap your relationship with a photo album or edited video of your favorite and most sentimental places. Make your declaration epic with a Dronie from the top of a mountain. With a drone, the possibilities to create a statement and inspire emotions are endless.

If we’re talking about grand gestures, we have to talk about the biggest gesture of them all. If the one you love is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, use a drone to make an unforgettable proposal. Get your friends and family together to produce a short film with Hollywood-quality aerial shots, ending with you on one knee. Buy hundreds of candles, invite your partner to meet you in the evening, and let her fly the drone straight up to reveal “Will you marry me?” written in lights all around you. You only get one shot to ask the big question, so make it special!

No matter what you and your sweetheart love to do together, or if you want to share a new hobby, a drone can be a great idea that to spark creativity, adventure, and a new dimension to your relationship. You’ll have endless unique photos and videos to share with your friends and family to keep them updated, as well as post on social media to inspire others.

Best of all, when you and your partner grow old together, you can look back on what you’ve created to share and relive these moments with the most important person of all — each other. However DJI Mavic Mini 2 is the one the best Valentines Gift for him and can be for her same time.

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